GRAPES (3497)

Image: Image is representative of the PLU commodity type and does not show all varieties covered under this PLU code.
PLU 3497
Type Global
Category Fruits
GPC Brick
GPC Class
GPC Family
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Commodity info

Commodity GRAPES
Variety IFG Core Black Seedless
Botanical Name Vitis vinifera
AKA IFG One (Sweet Surrender®), IFG Eight (Sweet Enchantment®), IFG Thirteen (Sweet Secrets®), IFG Fifteen (Sweet Surprise®), IFGSixteen (Sweet Surprise®), IFG Seventeen (Sweet Joy®), IFG Twenty-Five (Sweet Magic®), IFG Twenty-Six (Sweet Bond®)


Size All Sizes
Measurements: North America Not Applicable
Measurements: Rest of World Not Applicable
Restrictions / Notes Not Applicable